A Classic Duet


Gilligan and the Skipper via boing boing

“Ford and his new entourage showed up around midnight and were ushered into a private booth. Three party hostesses were told to hand over their phones, according to sources with knowledge of the night. The Star has been told by people familiar with Muzik that this is typical behaviour when Ford arrives.

Bieber was there that night, partying in a common area. Ford left the booth to say hello and had a run-in with Bieber, who jokingly asked if Ford had any crack cocaine. Angered, Ford blustered back to his private booth.

People familiar with his activities over the next five hours (at least two partygoers, a Canadian actress and a Bieber follower tweeted that Ford and Bieber were there but did not provide details) say that Ford drank to excess and at one point went to a private washroom. He emerged 45 minutes later and was incoherent and rambling.

“My wife and children hate me. I am in over my head,” Ford reportedly said.

A cleaner at Muzik had to go into the bathroom and clean up vomit left after Ford exited. Two sources told the Star that Ford returned to the table and kept drinking, staying at the club until 5 a.m.”
Toronto StarMay 1st, 2014


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